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TitleThe innovation of future parking! MCNEX valet parking system DATE 2023-12-19

 "The innovation of future parking! MCNEX valet parking system"


The valet parking system for autonomous vehicles utilizes self-driving technology to enable cars to park themselves in parking spaces or retrieve themselves from parking spaces. As part of the automotive technology that assists the driver in the parking process, the vehicle can perform parking operations automatically or support the driver with the parking process. This system uses a variety of sensors, cameras, radars, and computer vision technologies to detect and analyze the vehicle's surrounding environment, making parking easier and safer.


Upon reaching their destination, users can exit the vehicle, activate the system, and switch the vehicle to parking mode, allowing it to automatically find and move to an empty parking space to park. Typically, the system uses multiple sensors and cameras to detect the surrounding environment and accurately determine the vehicle's position to perform parking safely, thus efficiently using parking space, significantly enhancing user convenience, and reducing the stress associated with parking. This innovation maximizes driver convenience by automating the complex parking process and increasing parking efficiency.






Principle of System Operation


1. Sensor and Camera Fusion 

Autonomous vehicles precisely detect their surroundings through a combination of LiDAR, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras. This data is transmitted to the vehicle's central processing unit, which accurately calculates the position to park.


1) Camera -

High-resolution cameras provide visual data, accurately recognizing lanes, traffic signals, and the boundaries of parking spaces.


2) LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) -

LiDAR sensors emit lasers to measure the distance to surrounding objects. This data is used to determine the size and shape of parking spaces.


3) Radar -

Radar detects the position and speed of obstacles, contributing to collision prevention during parking.


5) Ultrasonic Sensors -

Ultrasonic sensors are useful for detecting objects at close range to the vehicle, helping to maintain the correct distance between vehicles during parking.



2. Automatic Parking ECU - The Role of Artificial Intelligence

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) system installed in the vehicle determines the optimal parking method based on the collected data. The automatic parking ECU learns various parking scenarios, enabling the vehicle to make the necessary adjustments for autonomous parking.


3. User Interface

The driver can activate the valet parking function through a smartphone app or the vehicle's internal system. Once activated, the vehicle will move to the parking lot and perform the parking autonomously.




The autonomous vehicle valet parking system becomes possible through the integration of sensor technology, central processing algorithms, communication technology, and user interface. These technical principles work together to allow the vehicle to find a parking spot and park on its own while the driver is away, and to return to the user when called. Once this technology is fully commercialized, the driver only needs to get out of the car upon arrival at the destination. Then, the vehicle will independently find a safe and efficient parking space to park and will return to the driver's location when the vehicle is needed again.




Key Functions and Features of the Autonomous Parking Assistance System


Utilizing the sensors and technology of autonomous vehicles, it searches for empty spaces in parking lots, receives parking requests to park safely and efficiently, and sends a notification once the parking operation is complete. It is also possible to request the retrieval of the vehicle from the parking space when needed.


1. Automatic Parking  

The system detects spaces where parking is possible and performs the parking process automatically without input from the driver. This helps to reduce parking stress for the driver.


2. Parking Assistance

The parking assistance system guides the driver through the parking process or shows obstacles in the surrounding environment visually to assist with parking. It utilizes camera and sensor data to display the driving path.


3. Surrounding Environment Monitoring

The system detects obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians around the car in real-time to prevent collisions and support safe parking.


4. Parking Space Detection

The autonomous parking system detects empty parking spaces and selects the optimal space for parking.


5. Remote Parking

Some premium car models allow for parking to be directed remotely through a smartphone app. This enables the vehicle to be parked remotely when exiting the vehicle in a parking space.


The autonomous vehicle valet parking system is garnering attention as a solution to future urban and parking problems. The autonomous parking assistance system has been developed to complement the parking capabilities of drivers and to prevent accidents and collisions during parking. This technology is considered one of the innovations in the automotive industry, and it is expected that systems with more advanced functions and accuracy will emerge in the future.





The autonomous vehicle valet parking system is made possible by combining sensor technology, central processing algorithms, communication technology, and user interfaces. These technical principles come together to allow the vehicle to find a parking space and park itself even when the driver is away from the car, and to return to the user when summoned. This system represents a significant step in transforming vehicles from mere means of transportation to autonomous service providers.


Beyond solving current parking issues, it will ultimately contribute to optimizing urban traffic patterns and providing a better environment for both drivers and pedestrians. As autonomous driving technology continues to advance, valet parking systems will soon become a common reality in our daily lives.



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