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TitleSVM (Surround View Monitoring)SYSTEM DATE 2023-09-27

Innovative solutions for the safety of autonomous vehicles

SVM (Surround View Monitoring)SYSTEM



The market size for ADAS and sensors for autonomous driving is steadily growing.
With the growth of the autonomous vehicle market, the demand for sensing camera systems has significantly increased. Car manufacturers and tech companies are developing and integrating sensing cameras that offer greater performance and reliability.


A current trend in the industry is equipping vehicles with an SVM (Surround View Monitoring system, consisting of a set of cameras), a DVRS camera (1 unit) that records forward-facing footage, and a forward-sensing camera (1 unit) for Level 2 autonomous driving, adding up to three main camera groups. In the foreseeable future, it is projected that vehicles will be outfitted with over 8 cameras, including 3 for sensing the front and surrounding areas, 3 for the side and rear views, and another 3 for monitoring both the driver and passengers.


MCNEX's proprietary autonomous SVM system stands as one of the innovative technologies that bolster vehicle safety and efficiency. This technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing vehicular safety through the monitoring and analysis of the surrounding environment.



What is the autonomous SVM system?


Autonomous vehicles utilize high-resolution cameras to capture and analyze detailed images of their surroundings. These cameras deliver high-definition images even while in motion, enhancing object recognition and road condition analysis.


Multi-camera systems gather and assess information from various directions of the vehicle. Cameras facing forward, rear, sides, and above ensure 360-degree monitoring of the environment during driving.


MCNEX's proprietary autonomous SVM system is one of the groundbreaking technologies that enhance vehicle safety and efficiency. This technology plays a pivotal role in boosting vehicular safety through the monitoring and analysis of the surrounding environment.


Autonomous SVM system stands for Surround View Monitoring, a technology that monitors and analyzes the surrounding environment. This system uses a variety of cameras and sensors to collect information from all angles around the vehicle and processes it in real-time. As a result, both the driver and the autonomous driving system gain a better understanding of the environment around the vehicle, enabling safer driving decisions.




Operating Principle of Autonomous SVM


Multiple Cameras and Sensors:

Autonomous vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors positioned in various directions, including the front, rear, sides, and top. These sensors monitor the environment around the vehicle, collecting video footage and data.


Image Processing and Analysis:

The gathered images and data are processed using advanced image processing and data analysis techniques. Tasks like object recognition, vehicle and pedestrian detection, and lane recognition are carried out.


Environmental Modeling:

The processed information is utilized to create a model of the environment surrounding the vehicle. This model aids in planning the vehicle's driving path and making safe driving decisions.


Visual Display:

The resulting information is visually presented to the driver or transmitted to the autonomous driving system. This allows both the driver and the car's system to understand and navigate the driving scenario in real-time.



MCNEX SVM (Surround View Monitoring) System


Driving Assistance System: 

SVM serves as a core technology for driving assistance systems, such as Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. With this, vehicles can safely follow other cars or change lanes during driving.


Driving Environment Awareness:

SVM is employed to detect and recognize road signs, intersections, and traffic lights, and identify vehicles and pedestrians in real-time. This information contributes to enhancing the safety and reliability of the autonomous driving system.


Driving Path Planning: 

SVM is utilized in supporting driving path planning. The vehicle uses surrounding environmental data combined with SVM to predict the driving path, adjusting speed and direction according to road conditions.


Sensing camera technology for autonomous vehicles continues to evolve and advance, playing a crucial role in enhancing road safety and autonomous driving capabilities.


The SVM (Surround View Monitoring) system, a proprietary technology of MCNEX, is among the pivotal technologies for current and future developments of autonomous vehicles. The advancement of this technology is emerging as one of the key elements in innovating our transportation system and elevating road safety. This technology exerts a positive impact on the automotive industry and the transportation sector, promising an even better mobility experience in the future.




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