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Environmental Safety and Health

  • MCNEX establishes the following policy, for the sake of realizing environmentally-friendly and safety and health-first management activities with the intent of realizing a management philosophy of customer and stakeholder satisfaction and fulfilling our social responsibilities through respect for people and preservation of the natural environment, and creating a clean and healthy workplace through the prevention of environmental pollution and eliminating accidents.
    • 1- Construct and operate an environmental/health and safety management system and create an environmentally/safety and health-friendly culture for the sake of preventing environmental pollution and creating a safe and pleasant working environment.
    • 2- Establish management goals that put the highest priority on the environment/safety and health through the assessment of danger and environmental aspects related to products, facilities, activities, and service, and regularly review. monitor, and assess performance and the system to carry out continuous improvement.
    • 3- Remove risk factors in advance for the sake of accident prevention and health promotion, and prevent and minimize the damage when accidents do occur.
    • 4- Reduce the amount of raw/subsidiary materials and energy used in all processes including product development, design, production, service, and disposal, and minimize environmental impact arising from the discharge of pollutants and hazardous materials.
    • 5- Grasp related regulations and other requirements and reflect them in the environmental/safety and health management system, and thereby establish and thoroughly comply with administrative standards.
    • 6- Regarding all employees, carry out training for the sake of policy awareness and achievement, and each individual should faithfully carry out their own responsibilities and role and thereby achieve continuous improvement.
  • The company’s environmental/safety and health policy should be released to all employees as well as stakeholders, and promotion plans including concrete matters to be realized are to be established and implemented, leading to the faithful execution of an environmental/safety and health management system for the sake of the achievement of goals and policy.


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