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TitleMCNEX Tilt OIS Technology DATE 2024-02-17

Innovation in Smartphone Cameras!

MCNEX Tilt OIS Technology.



How Does Tilt OIS Technology Transform Smartphone Cameras?


MCNEX's Tilt OIS technology is an innovative optical image stabilization method developed to enhance the video recording quality of smartphone cameras. One of the key features of this technology is that it maintains a fixed position between the lens and the image sensor, achieving uniform image stabilization across the entire sensor. This counters the photo blur created by the user, providing superior video mode output even in dynamic use cases such as walking, running, and biking.


Unlike traditional Lens Shift OIS (Lens Shift OIS) and Sensor Shift OIS (Sensor Shift OIS), which typically offer up to ±1.5 degrees of shake compensation and degrade image quality beyond this limit, Tilt OIS technology allows for higher shake compensation, up to ±3 degrees. This effectively eliminates blurring at both the center and the edges of the image.





What is Tilt OIS?


In an era where smartphone users wish to shoot high-quality videos, stable image capture has become even more crucial. Responding to this demand, Tilt OIS (Tilt Optical Image Stabilization) technology has been introduced.

1. Tilt OIS is a technology that compensates for shaking by physically tilting the smartphone camera sensor in response to the user's movements.
2. It increases the stability of images and videos by adjusting the tilt of the lens or sensor along the X and Y axes.
3. Stabilization is achieved without the loss of image quality through correction in hardware technology, not software.


Physical Stabilization

Tilt OIS provides stabilization based on hardware, which generates stable images without the quality degradation associated with software methods.


Adaptability to Dynamic Usage Environments

It is designed to enable stable shooting even when the user is moving.


Enhanced Image Quality

Tilt OIS ensures sharp images up to the edges, effectively reducing shake not only in the center but also at the corners.


Support for Various Shooting Modes 

Tilt OIS performs excellently in various scenarios, including low-light environments, sports shooting, and capturing fast movements.


Improved User Experience

Users can now shoot high-quality content in a more intuitive way.





Tilt OIS offers significant advantages not only in photography but also in videography, shining particularly in low-light conditions and action shooting, aiding in achieving professional-level results.


This technology greatly enhances the capabilities of smartphone cameras, allowing users to capture clear and stable photos and videos in any setting. The advancement of such technology accelerates innovation in the smartphone camera industry and will significantly improve the user experience.





A New Horizon Towards the Future The Outlook for Tilt OIS


Smartphone manufacturers are integrating effective Tilt OIS capabilities while minimizing the size of the camera module. The miniaturization and increased efficiency of hardware components are central to the advancement of this technology. In the future, this technology could incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to further enhance the precision and response speed of Tilt OIS.


The Tilt OIS technology is being emphasized for its importance in fields such as vlogging, sports shooting, and real-time streaming, allowing users to shoot stable videos like professionals. It is already revolutionizing the way photos and videos are captured with smartphone cameras. This technology will continue to evolve, innovating the quality of smartphone cameras and the creative experience of users, serving as a bridge between technological progress and the production of creative content.


1. Trends in Technological Advancement 

Recent advancements have made Tilt OIS more precise and responsive. This technological maturity promises an enhanced user experience.


2. Lightweight and Energy Efficiency

The Tilt OIS of the future will be lighter and more energy-efficient in design. This will minimize the impact on smartphone battery life while maintaining functional excellence.


3. Integration with Artificial Intelligence

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make Tilt OIS smarter. AI could analyze the usage environment and optimize the stabilization mechanism to fit the shooting conditions.


4. Multifunctionality and Multipurpose UseTilt 

ilt OIS has the potential to extend beyond photography and video shooting, into areas such as drones, wearable devices, and the automotive industry.


5. Democratization and Increased Accessibility

Cost-effective manufacturing methods and advancements in mass production technology will make Tilt OIS more accessible to a broader range of users. This implies that advanced features could be included in mid-range and even budget smartphone models.


Tilt OIS is being recognized for its potential and is becoming a standard in smartphone camera technology. As the technology advances and becomes more widespread, it will symbolize the progress of smartphone camera technology, expected to be integrated into an increasing number of models, and users will be able to capture professional-level photos and videos anytime, anywhere.




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