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MCNEX leads the technological innovation of the autonomous driving era with its competitive R&D capabilities


MCNEX provides future autonomous driving solutions based on innovative core technologies that are invisible to drivers and pedestrians, and opens the future of mobility through continuous research and development and technological innovation, delivering competitive technological value.

Autonomous driving technology is growing rapidly, and it is expected to enter the fully autonomous stage, Level 5 by '30, from Level 3 in '22."



Advancement of 'sensor' technology, the core of autonomous driving

For autonomous vehicles to reach the level of full autonomy, sensor technology must advance, as it is necessary for sensors, which replace the eyes of the driver, to accurately perceive and detect various road conditions to ensure the safety of autonomous vehicles.



LiDAR technology measures the distance to objects using light. It can create high-precision 3D maps, which are crucial for accurately recognizing the environment around autonomous vehicles. With the trend towards cost reduction and miniaturization, LiDAR is expected to be applied more broadly in the autonomous driving market.


Camera Systems 

High-resolution cameras and computer vision technology are used for vehicles to process and interpret visual information. They can perform a variety of functions such as object recognition, lane recognition, and traffic sign recognition, and this technology is continuously advancing.



Radar sensors are used to measure the distance and speed of objects. They perform reliably, even in adverse weather conditions, and support the safe operation of autonomous vehicles.


Ultrasonic Sensors 

They are mainly used for low-speed parking and detecting objects at close range. They provide an effective solution at a low cost.



Recently, 'sensor fusion,' which utilizes a combination of LiDAR, Radar, and camera methods, has become prominent. This technology compensates for the shortcomings of mounting a single type of sensor, such as LiDAR, Radar, or camera sensors, by complementing each other and significantly improving object detection accuracy and driving safety.


Sensor fusion is a technology that combines the camera's ability to recognize various objects' shapes and colors with the precision of LiDAR and Radar that can measure the distance to objects with millimeter-level accuracy. Compared to traditional single sensor solutions, sensor fusion can recognize the surrounding environment more precisely, thus ensuring safety.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is segmented into three domains: 'Sense,' 'Think,' and 'Act.' 'Sense' refers to sensors such as cameras, radar, ultrasonic, and LiDAR; 'Think' to the processors that handle the information received from sensors and the algorithms that integrate it; and 'Act' to controlling the vehicle or conveying the processed information visually based on the collected and processed information.


In ADAS, sensor fusion means combining sensors like cameras, radar, LiDAR, and ultrasonic, or integrating them with other sensors. Since each sensor has its role and pros and cons, it's necessary to combine the strengths of each sensor. Especially in autonomous driving, where safety is of utmost importance, reliable detection is required even in challenging conditions such as night, rain, snow, and strong backlight.


Sensor fusion technology is essential for autonomous vehicles to operate safely in real road conditions. This technology continues to evolve, enabling the development of more sophisticated and efficient autonomous driving systems.




MCNEX's Differentiated Sensing Solutions


As the stages of autonomous driving evolution advance, more accurate and numerous sensors are needed. Especially after Level 3 of autonomous driving, advanced autonomous sensors become a critical component, making the manufacturing/technical capabilities of automotive parts suppliers for these advanced sensors more important than ever.



1. Accuracy and reliability of sensing technology

We provide more accurate and reliable environmental recognition capabilities through innovations in sensing technologies like LiDAR, Radar, and cameras, and we have a range of sensor products that can be applied to various autonomous driving applications.


2. Sensor fusion capability

We develop advanced algorithms and software capable of efficiently integrating and processing data from various sensors.


3. Advanced algorithms and software

We possess capabilities in the development of advanced algorithms and software for analyzing and interpreting sensing data, as well as expertise in AI and machine learning technologies.


4. Cost reduction and miniaturization

Cost reduction and miniaturization of sensor technology will accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving technology. We provide high-quality sensing solutions at competitive prices to promote the commercialization and popularization of autonomous driving technology. This will enable more car manufacturers to integrate autonomous driving technology into their vehicles.


5. Stability and scalability

We offer customized solutions that match the diverse needs of our customers, possessing the capability to supply products optimized for specific applications and requirements. We also have the capability to perform thorough testing and certification procedures to verify the safety of our sensor technology, ensuring product safety and reliability.


MCNEX, by developing and strengthening these differentiating factors, aims to secure a successful position in the competitive autonomous driving market through rigorous quality control and differentiated processes, creating synergy with sensor technologies such as LiDAR, Radar, cameras, and sensor fusion technology.

MCNEX, with its experience and expertise in mass production of Total Mobile Solution and Automotive Sensing Solution, holds a competitive advantage over its competitors in supplying sensing solutions that meet the technological requirements of the autonomous driving era and is establishing itself as a reliable leading supplier in the age of autonomous driving.



MCNEX who leads change of future will take a big step to the world with continuous innovative technology. The invisible core technology of MCNEX is unseen but to turn everyone's imagination into reality,
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